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The City of Laguna Niguel

It was such an honor getting to capture my home town's newly renovated facilities.  We were tasked with photo, video, drone and virtual staging of their spaces including their newly remodeled Community Center and updated Senior Center.  Dive into some of our greatest places to gather in this city we get to call home.


Laguna Niguel Community Center

Located in the heart of Laguna Niguel, California, the Laguna Niguel Community Center stands as a beacon of recreation and community engagement. Boasting state-of-the-art facilities, this vibrant center offers an array of amenities to cater to diverse interests and needs.

01 Video

We created an engaging video tour of the center showcasing its vibrant atmosphere and versatile facilities. From the bustling soccer fields to serene pools, capturing the diverse activities that take place within its walls was a fun time getting to incorporate those smooth camera movements and dynamic angles to bring you, the viewer along on a truly immersive journey through this community hub.

02 Photography

Absorb the Laguna Niguel Community Center's architectural marvels through our stunning photography. From wide-angle shots and unique perspectives, we aimed to showcase its modern design and sleek lines highlighting the play of light and shadow, conveying both elegance and functionality.

Laguna Niguel Senior Center

Laguna Niguel Senior Center

This isn't your average senior center tour.

We've captured the energy and spirit of the Laguna Niguel Senior Center, highlighting the unique programs, activities, and sense of community that make it a special place my own family gets to call home.

01 Video

Welcome to Laguna Niguel Senior Center, where vibrant community life meets timeless charm. Take an immersive journey through this beloved hub of activity and connection. With my signature blend of creativity and passion for storytelling, I've captured the essence of this special place, showcasing its diverse offerings and warm atmosphere.

02 Photography

Delve into a visual journey through this beloved space as captured by my lens. Each image tells a story of warmth, community, and cherished memories.

Step into the inviting interiors and serene outdoor areas captured in these photographs. From lively gatherings to quiet moments of reflection, experience the essence of Laguna Niguel Senior Center through my photography.


Staged Photography

The City took advantage of out Professional Photo Editing, Virtual Staging, Floor Plan Redraws, & Renders to help stage entire weddings and events without actually having to do so.


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