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soundXperiment brings together people and sound waves to participate in the next generation of music culture focused on cultivating emerging talent, disrupting contemporary standards.

They seek to expand sonic landscapes and hold more space to venture even further into the present moment. Because everything is a test and our platform is an invitation to experiment with what’s unknown.

01 Kickback at the Drive In

Experience the thrill of live entertainment from the safety of your car at our Drive-In Series! 🚗💨 Created to bring people together while maintaining a safe distance during the COVID era, drive-in events have become a beacon of community spirit, drawing crowds from far and wide.

02 Kickback Drive In 2.0

Welcome back to our Drive-In Series, where the fun continues in our second event! 🌟 Following the overwhelming success of our inaugural drive-in experience, we're thrilled to bring you another night of safe and sensational entertainment.


03 Kickback at the Park

Get ready to groove with the ultimate kickback in the park concert, brought to you by SoundXperiment! 🎶 Immerse yourself in the vibrant beats and infectious energy as talented artists take the stage for a day of music, fun, and community vibes.

SoundXperiment Kickback JustinBishop.world_10.jpg


SoundXperiment Kickback JustinBishop_edited.jpg

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